Initiation pt-pd and cyanotype
An introduction to platine-palladium and cyanotype printing from Epson color ink negatives
On demand

Instructor : Dominique Laugé.

The production of digital negatives Epson K3 printing process makes it possible to obtain big format negatives adapted to contact printing with any alternative method.

Platine-palladium printing is a process of photographic printing by contact of a negative on a UV sensitive emulsion of a platinum and palladium mix. Often considered as the method giving the most beautiful gray nuances, as well as deep blacks, platine-palladium printing stands out as far as durability is concerned.

Created in 1842 by John Herschel, the cyanotype is a monochrome photographic process with which Prussian blue photographic prints can be obtained.

To gain benefit from the workshop, it is necessary to possess, prior to it, a basic knowledge of photography and expertise on Photoshop or another retouching software.

Proceedings  :
Day one :
• digital negatives
• printing of negatives
• test on gray chart
• linearization
Day two :
• introduction to platinum-palladium
• introduction to cyanotypes
• chemistry
• instrumentation
• emulsion coating
• first printing test
Day three :
• printing
• drying
• retouching

Basic essentials : laptop, USB key and files to print.

Participants should finish the workshop having completed three prints each of both platine-palladium and cyanotypes.

Price : 1.100€ inclusive of tax per person for three days with a registration fee of 280€.
Reduced price for professional photographers under 27.
Lunch at the Centre and material are included.
Group size : 1- 4

Dates : to be defined - on demand.

Terms of access : examination of demands on arrival. Time of access according to each workshop dates.

Spoken languages  : French, English and Italian

Below, in French, you will find  :
• The contract
• A detailed program
• A biography of Dominique Laugé
• Returns on workshop experience by participants
• Internal rules & regulation

If you find it difficult to understand the information given in these documents, please get in touch with us.

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Photo : Dominique Laugé