Large Format

On demand

Instructor : Dominique Laugé.

Traditional large format photography has always been meant to give the best quality for architecture, landscape, still lifes and portrait. However, the use of a view camera needs a specific training such as this four-day workshop is offering.

Proceedings :

Basics :
• focus
• Scheimpflug’s law
• tilt & swing
• shift
• perspective correction
• depth of field control
• bellow compensation

Theoretical lectures will be followed by practical exercises and shooting – outdoor and indoor according to the attendee’s interest.

The teaching will deal with the use of sheet films :
• film holders
• loading
• development of black&white sheet films
• contrast control
• contact printing and enlarging
• retouching and finishing

To gain benefit from the workshop, it is recommended to possess a basic knowledge of traditional black&white photography.

The participants will leave with four or five 24x30 prints.

Basic essentials : ideally, a big format camera.

Price : from June 2023, fee adjustment due to increase in the price of material.
1550€ inclusive of tax per person for four days with an registration fee of 465€.
Reduced price for professional photographers under 27.
Lunch at the Centre and material are included (films, chemicals, photographic paper).
Group size : 1 to 4

Dates : to be defined - on demand

Terms of access : examination of demands on arrival. Time of access according to each workshop dates.

Spoken languages : French, English and Italian

Below, in French, you will find :
• The contract
• A detailed program
• A biography of Dominique Laugé
• Returns on workshop experience by participants
• Internal rules & regulation

If you find any difficulty understanding the information given in these documents, please get in touch with us.

For the general conditions, follow this link :

Photos : Dominique Laugé